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    Bear Market Historical Chart Gallery

    July 28, 2022

July 28, 2022

Bear Market Historical Chart Gallery

The Nature of Bear Market, Panics, and Long Bar Days

When it comes to what a bear market is investors and traders don’t hear much. They may read that a decline of 20% puts the market in the bear market territory. but that is about it.

Professional advisors, managers, and traders need to know the signs of a major peak, and the personality of the decline as it goes through its phases. We need to know what to expect, how to differentiate early between a bear and a correction, where panics fit in with the long-term decline and all bear markets don’t look like 1937.

Here is a chart gallery of bear markets from the 1929 event to date. Analysis of each chart to follow with an excel file download containing all the data for bulls and bears from 1900 to date.

If you are not a Contrary Thinker, here is your chance to access this report and chart gallery, the excel file, and six months of membership which includes MarketMap™ -2023 and all issues of MarketMap™ -2022 to catch you up in one fell swoop.


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