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Introducing My Partnership with Trade Exchange

You’re not afraid of bear trading, are you? No, let’s rock and roll.

Here is a recent example

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As a publisher of trading ideas who has never missed a major market peak since 1987 or missed a low-risk bottom since 1982, I know when I see an idea whose time has come. Over the years there’s nothing more frustrating for me than seeing investors missing out on a great opportunity. Trade Exchange’s innovative technology has closed a “missing link” that – until now, has limited me from delivering my insights to more followers – faster. That’s why I am excited to announce our partnership with the Trade Exchange.

Trade Exchange delivers my trading ideas to you through their app. You will be able to take immediate action on these ideas by linking your brokerage account, eliminating the need to login to your account separately to trade.

Contrary Thinker’s partnership with Trade Exchange utilizes revolutionary “Per Idea Plus Pricing.” This means you only pay for the ideas you unveil – pricing begins at $29 per idea. But you know what’s the best part? You only pay for winning ideas! You receive a credit for a free future idea every time an idea does not win.

Trade Exchange’s patented technology tracks the performance of every idea I generate – personalized to you – separating the ideas you took and from those you did not.


Click here and provide your email address to ensure you will be connected to Contrary Thinker on the Trade Exchange.

As part of their launch, Trade Exchange is offering 10 free trades for you to familiarize yourself with the experience. We’re looking forward to reconnecting on the Trade Exchange app!

Great and Many Thanks

Jack F Cahn, CMT

How does this work?

  • You follow me on the Trade Exchange App
  • Link your online brokerage account
  • You’ll receive my trading ideas in real-time via text alert
  • Unveil the idea and take action if you’re interested
  • Review the trade ticket – confirm the entry price and enter the number of shares
  • Hit go and the trade is entered!

If I don’t provide profit targets and stop-loss prices initially, I will provide timely updates via text. Accept the changes and you’re on your way.

Sounds great, right? Download the Trade Exchange App now or click here to learn more.

Trade Exchange connects you to Contrary Thinker’s verified trading ideas in real-time.

You can take immediate

 action on an idea you receive from me in your linked brokerage account – all in the Trade Exchange App. With patented analytics providing 100% independent insight into my performance and Per Idea Plus pricing where you only pay for winning ideas, Trade Exchange will change self-directed trading forever.



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