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    Chart Gallery Mid-Year 2023

The media is pushing a big miscue by the bears.

Their line goes like this the “Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s remarkable ability to divine the moment and do the right thing.” Will be the death knell for the one or two remaining bears.

So according to J.J. the Chill, Jerome Powell Fed chair has the power of divination, or it just seems that way to him.

J.J. supports that when looking at this week’s money events, he has confidence as always in Powell’s decision-making will be bullish.

So, it does not matter what he says or does because in “the Chill’s” own words “…while anything he says can cause a hiccup in an admittedly overbought stock market, his non-magisterial presence will leave the bears grasping once again.”

That is a basic tenet of price based or Technical Analysis. As a disciplined way of thinking considers anything other than market activity to be coincidental at best. For a purist like me, it is only fodder for media spin post hoc, after the fact.

Below is a chart gallery (24) that will bring you up to speed with what the Markets are saying. But first here is one of my general models.

It’s called Market Map™. Most market participants want independent thought, got it. The methods, tools, and thinking to be independent and free of Wall Street and peer pressures, yes that too? How about a new, different, and unique method that is easy to understand, sure no worries?

One of my primary tools for forecasting each year’s overall scenario and turning points is seen here side by side with the actual Dow for 2022, it outlined extremely well. It was published at the start of 2022, late January to be precise.

PS you will not hear any of my people say its backfitted, full stop.

If you never heard of it? That’s good by me, I’m not looking to fire hose the industry with it. Maybe that is why it still works.


Have a look at 2023 to date. Here is where the map is up through mid-year, which provided a handy reference to be one step ahead of the market.

It does not do it all. It is not a mechanical system providing buy sell signals. It does not provide insight into market dynamics, how forceful or not a trend may be.

However, it does provide a high probability of trend direction for the periods between the change of trend dates (COT,) which stand alone are highly accurate.


Some of my good colleagues have excellent sales/marketing. Bombarding inboxes with the ongoing email campaigns with freebees. Well not so much from Contrary Thinker, I am interested in quality not quantity; and here is your opportunity,

Contrary Thinker’s Market Map™ Scenario Planner is our most popular publication. It comes out annually at year end. Market Map™ provides a series of chart outlines -maps- over the holidays and the new year to enable advisors and managers to plan. 

Market Map™ 2024 Scenario Planner can be locked down today for this one of price at $112.00 USD. The best part is you will get for the next six months of Market Map™ 2023 Scenario Planner, the weekly Volatility Reports and access to CT’s private group in the linked in space, by the same name for that discounted price. Of course, you can cancel at any time.


“Our lives are defined by opportunities, and this is the biggest opportunity of your life. Don’t let it define you by missing it.” Robert (Big Daddy) Gannon (Ameriprise) said that to me at my first job interview after college.



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