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    Financial Advisors Space

Designed to help you save time, improve portfolio performance and assist with client communications by cutting through the noise, FA Space provides you with the information you need from both an asset allocation and client relations standpoint. research, educational materials and direct access to Jack Cahn to help manage their client funds and relationships.

  • Clear risk and opportunity expositions for US and Global Markets
  • Multi-timeframe view of US and Global Stock Markets
  • Education and ongoing analysis of the relationship between Stocks and Bonds
  • Education and ongoing analysis of Sector Rotation Techniques
  • Real-time trade ideas for all time horizons (long-term, intermediate and short-term)
  • Simplified summaries related to market behavior and complex concepts designed to provide advisors with a systematic communications strategy for their clients
  • Conversational talking points with charts to help explain methodology and approach to clients – see an example here
  • Request custom charts and collateral to help with clients and pitches

Sample "Volatility Report"
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