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    Hedge Strategies plug and trade for TradeStation™

“The New School of Technical Analysis (TA) believes that “Robustness is not enough,” because hyper-correlation will take you out or some other unknown-unknown. For us, it is far easier to figure out if the market is fragile to collapse than to predict the occurrence of an event that may harm the market” JFC

New TradeStation Traders

Forty-five (45) day no-cost subscription to all of CT’s publications and user docs, $149 a quarter thereafter when you buy the breakout scalper for hedging and long-only trading – Fast Eddie ( named after Paul Neuman’s character in the movie “The Hustle.” )  
I guarantee you will make money based on the FastEddie based onCT’s publications market system engagement signals its publications and blog provide.

Existing TradeStation Traders

Existing members, get your half-price discount here.

Cancel your PayPal subscription at anytime here, your systems will never expire! 


I put my name on my work and stand behind it.
Great and Many Thanks
Jack F Cahn, CMT

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