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“The New School of price-based strategy development believes that “robustness is not enough.” 

We do not want to take a risk only to achieve an average trade. Rather, based on the “Dennis Rule” we only want to trade when conditions are optimal, which means low-risk high reward and the background sets up a high rate of change trend. This is one step above a robust strategy it is an “anti-fragile” comprehensive system.
To make a point by extreme example,  an anti-fragile system can take ten small losses of 2% each and make a handsome because the reward potential is 50%. 

I have provided plugins and systems for TradeStation Traders since 1989 when it was still Omega Research

This system – Notorious-TEM – is used for hedging or speculation, there is no difference except your overall investment configuration. You can be fully invested in stocks or ETFs worldwide or 100% in cash competing with equity capital managers or an aggressive trader with about profit objectives. TEM is our volatility model the Technical Event Matrix, which acts as a macro filter.

Here are two examples, The first trading the Nasdaq 100 futures, it will trade both long and short. However, because of the nature of declining markets, that is once started having fewer pullbacks and falling faster, the systems have a performance bias for a bear market or a more volatile market. The TradeStation workspace can be configured for the short side only.

Another approach is going long-only on the volatility futures (VX). The strategy can be left on all the time for hedgers or it can be timed with the Technical Event Model when the shift the market enters a bear market.

Engagement of the long-only VX can be timed with the use of TEM on your TradeStation or through Contrary Thinker’s advisory letter, which is a part of your lease automatically.
I guarantee you will make money based on Long VX-TEM based on CT’s engagement signals published in the Volalaity Report, posted here in the blog and the private LinkedIn group.


Six Month System Lease $424.00 Annual  System Lease $749.00

NB: To own the systems good for any liquid and active market: Crude, Gold, S&P, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, and Volatility futures, is $5,995.00 locked code only. You can purchase the system net the lease paid to date before it expires and continues to receive the “volatility reports” and group access for a year without cost.  Thereafter it is only $49/month for ongoing TEM (which you will have on your P/C)support if needed. 

Great and Many Thanks
Jack F Cahn, CMT

Great and Many Thanks,

Jack F. Cahn, CMT

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