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    Here’s your Performance Data and a Bonus

If you use TradeStation and You are a System’s Trader

We Provide Systems that you will not find in the Public Domain

Download your data for Tidal Wave Here. The system is robust to the extent that it can trade on the daily bar and intraday as well. 


Your extra for showing your interest in the system’s trading is a set of indicators and strategy plugins for TS with a workspace. View it as an idea with potential, its got promise.
Download the Zip file here. 
If you are a code junky like I am, over the last 30 years I have developed, gathered, and invented many good indicators and strategies ideas, placed them into EasyLangauge. Have a look at the bundle of over 1,000 indicators and over 1,000 strategies you can have for a dirt-cheap price.
Junkies Bundle of TradeStation™ Plugins 
If you would like a real-time demo of our TradeStation Platform, make your appointment here

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Jack F. Cahn, CMT

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