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    Instant Ideas Long Put & Call (ITM)

Contrary Thinker’s Methods are just no good…

…sitting on the shelf not being used to make the kind of money shown below.

Trading ITM (high delta) Long Put and Calls with my own capital is my comfort zone, my wheelhouse. I want to pass along this ability to my people. It all began in the late 80s and continues today.

Deep-in-the-money options give you enough leverage to make a fortune without the unlimited risk of futures contracts and for me, that’s my safe place.  The reduction of time premium leaves it all up to the timing of the trade, which is what the Contrary Thinker method is all about.
No place else can you get $10/month real-time trade ideas with this kind of potential, turning 1k into 10k in ten months, see below. I can’t make this up. Let me help you leverage your time for the small incentive outlined below.

Contrary Thinker’s private channel signals real trade ideas on your smartphone from the good people at  Trade Exchange on their world-renowned smartphone (free) app.

Forget all the doom and gloom, this is one of the best market timers/trading markets ever!  So here is the deal:

When the idea makes 25% or better you pay me a flat bonus of $50 on the trade. That’s all, no matter how large your account happens to be. If the trade returns anything below 25% I make nothing.
For no added cost the $10/month gets you more. You have access to three additional less leveraged trading vehicles via ETFs and a traditional hedge account PLUS access to Contrary Thinker’s private LinkedIn Group “Volatility Reports” for the rationale behind the market. If you have signed up for trade ideas and not yet in the market analysis group use this link to get an invite. 

Contrary Thinker’s High Delta Long Puts and Calls Product

This snapshot of my trading is dated 9/16/22

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My win rate fluctuates around 50% and my average profit vs average loss runs around a 5 to 1 ratio. The holding period averages 2 1/4 weeks. You will be over the moon with the results and I’ll be as happy as a camel on hump day to provide you with timely ideas. 

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Here is a recent update

On your tablets and smartphones now and all connected devices in the next 45 days, including your desktops. In the USA, Load the URL from your smartphone: https://tradeexchange.app.link/jack_cahn


If you are offshore, start here sign up for the $10/month, with confidence you can cancel anythime.

Great, and Many Thanks in Advance

Jack F. Cahn, CMT

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