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    Long Volatility Inching Toward Go

    December 4, 2020

December 4, 2020

Long Volatility Inching Toward Go

Attention: Long only VX futures breakout scalping systems without on/off risk engagement has produced a triple for the year, thus far.

This highlights the change in the market’s condition that began back in early 2018; where long volatility began to outperform long-only investments, aka short volatility investments.

KeyNote:  You love to build code from proven basic and essential price based concepts. But a bundle of  1000 files for a low low low price and get three months of free look at the above long volatility scalper! 

Volatility Reports has intimated that the local stock averages are wedging out a top that should carry over into next week when a number of meaningful COTs windows happen. During that stretch, the group will be looking for TEM ( our volatility modeling ) to provide clues of a high pivot among other signals. The tact we try to take requires waiting for the ideal set up. Low-risk high reward, getting in too early is the rough bit.

Hence Volatility Reports prefers to see a reversal off the second L-T panic low in the USD. Bearish sentiment is widespread on a variety of methods for the US buck.  The next chart shows the underlying shorts that provide potential buying power.

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