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Glad you here

MarketMap™ Scenario Planner and Volatility Reports come via email in pdf format, the most recent publication is on the way shortly. To get you up to speed, critical issues from this year will follow. Make sure you have contrarythinker@gmail and jfc@contrarythinker in your address book, so your letters do not go to spam. If you are not part of CT’s private LinkedIn group, use this URL to access:


If you have signed up for the TradeStation plugins, a special email with link to a private Dropbox will be created that contains everything you need to get the workspaces, indictors, and systems up and running.

Contrary Thinker knows it takes more than traditional technical analysis to time the market accurately. It takes a combination of price, time, dynamics, and sentiment in a comprehensive system.

Our work is designed for our traders to have an edge that puts them one step ahead of the mob.

Welcome aboard and many thanks


— Contrary Thinker does not assume the risk of its client’s trading futures and offers no warranties expressed or implied. The opinions expressed here are my own and grounded in sources I believe to be reliable but not guaranteed.

— Pricing is subject to change without notice. My indicators and strategies can be withdrawn for private use without notice, at any time.

–Trading futures and options involves the risk of loss. Please consider carefully whether futures or options are appropriate for your financial situation. Use only risk capital when trading futures or options

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