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    MarketMap-2021 Annual Scennario Planner Year End Discount Sale Event

Don’t get caught with your pants down!

Get Ready for 2021. MarketMap-2021 Annual Scenario Planner is going to press in December. Preordering starts today.

Contrary Thinker’s preliminary outlook for 2021 is another incredibly important year for long-term big swing cycles with unfinished work.

2020 is not over yet. Several forecasts made in our 2020 scenario planner have already unfolded. Here is a look at the first issue in early 2020.

The capital market system propagates the idea that “you can’t predict the markets.” They act as if a prediction was something relegated to the realm of witchcraft and wizardry, the reading of tea leaves, or the castings of I Ching coins. Well, Contrary, Thinker agrees with that to an extent. Most so-called forecasts are impossible, to begin with, as they are created solely for media hype.

The popular T. Rowe Price commercials proclaim, “you can’t predict the markets.” In the commercial, they advise you to utilize their services to guide your investments through good times and bad. After all, for over 76 years, their clients have relied on them to bring their best thinking into your assets.  What you need to understand the difference between forecast and guide.

There is truth in what they say in the video commercial. If you are a Contrary Thinker, you know the difference between forecasting and strategy. If you follow the markets based on a well-tested set of rules, you will make your investment goals a reality with the right timing.

Timing is everything! One of Contrary Thinker’s best investment/trading services is its annual MarketMap™ newsletter. It releases a valuable series of annual maps at the end of the year and early in the new year with trend directions and major swing turning points projected by dates. It is a fantastic tool to assist you with the critical timing of markets.

The cycle charts and change of date calendars are about when to expect growth of trend Each MarketMap-2021 Scenario planner – five significant issues in the book –  each produced by formulas that are independent for cross-checking verification to add confidence by clustering for the overall 2021 scenario.

MarketMap™ puts traders on the front foot. Utilizing MarketMap helps you plan your year. Be prepared for the big moves before they occur and avoid being caught by surprise in an unexpected change of trend. Most important is you will know what strategies to employ for maximum reward and better risk control.

MarketMap 2021 provides:

Trend scenarios for the year

Risk/Reward Levels
Change of trend dates of more than 8%

Timing of changes in market dynamics

Weighting for six types of trend change
Risk on, Risk-off signals

All for just a one-time fee of $99.00! Before the first issue goes out in December. After that, the Scenario Planner is $145.00–Secure today.
The pre-publication period includes our once-a-year sale discounts on both the “Annual Scenario Planner” book and “Volatility Reports.” During this year-end event, take 10% off the quarterly, six month or annual subscription and the Scenario Planner book is yours as a free bonus.

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