February 24, 2022

MarketMap™ 2022- Issue 7a

The study of history plays an important role in all aspects of life including investing and trading.

Contrary Thinker’s publications are not about cheap talk. Our publications are about providing a research product from hours of work to your benefit, for a fee, full stop. No one wants to benefit from outside world events as negative as the pandemic was or Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. However, I do not believe in coincidences and have witnessed over my career the market (form) preceding outside world events (content), to be meaningful.

Clients following MarketMap™-2020 Issue#1, received an “off risk” advisory to raise cash and engage hedge systems.

Two years later, in all of the issues of MarketMap™ -2022, Contrary Thinker has made clear the risk of a major bear – when price and time analysis gave a clear “risk-off” signal mid-May 2022. Our advisory pointed out it was the train not seen that will kill you, and over the long term, the risk remains little noticed or thought of and it is a political one here in the USA. The events offshore are only a catalyst.

MarketMap™ -2022 Issue#2 is important to you, your investments, and your client’s investment. That publication pointed out a series of historical parallels

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