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    MarketMap™ 2023 Issue #7

    March 30, 2023

March 30, 2023

MarketMap™ 2023 Issue #7

The S&P has achieved stability and next to a perfect world it’s as boring

The last “inside year” I can recall was the year 2000. At least for the Dow not so much for the Nasdaq after the dot.com buttle burst.  However, based on the natural calendar and seasonal demarcations a change of conditions (as in dull sideways) is expected to change in the extremely near term.

First, let’s have a look at the rule of alternation as taught to me by Merrell’s Bob Farrell. The following three-minute video explains and demonstrates what traders should “expect something different.

The Rule of Alternation “expect change” at calendar demarcations. Today it is the change of season from winter to spring and the move into a new quarter of the year.


Members can cross-check the work in their excel for the dominant S-T training cycle hitting a high today. The 45-day cycle is listed in the chart from the 1/4/22 ATH. That cycle-high pivot is coincidental with an Astro-event that has an 80% accuracy rate of picking S-T highs.

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