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    MarketMap™ 2024 Scenario Planner Issue#8

    March 4, 2024

March 4, 2024

MarketMap™ 2024 Scenario Planner Issue#8

Ready for a blast or already plastered?

When all independent formulas for predicting the market are converging on the same space and time, something has to give way. No joke and no one seem to expect much of any change. At most the bulls would like a “… mild pullback, as it would be a healthy reset…”

Independent of the media spin which is 100% focused on AI all of the time, no one is game to point to the path progress always takes of, “create, destroy, recreate.” Everyone remains in the creative frame of mind. Yet from experience we all know what has happened to the various other technology breakout industries. After they have emerged onto the scene it becomes dog eat dog capitalism. There is an insurgence of the “copy cats,”  and the intensity of competition is not imaginary.

Just have a quick review of stock booms since 1990, from the internet, to electric vehicles easy come easy go.

I know it’s difficult to break away from the current hype but as investors, wealth managers and traders we all need to focus on what the market is saying not what the media is selling, be it network or social.

Everyone as in 90% of anyone that invest in stocks / bonds is looking for a catalyst. The reasons for the market’s change of heart are always rationalized but after the fact.

From the fundamental side the doom and gloom has not changed in decades and they will all be their pointing their finger at the Fed and saying I told you so and more than happy to accept the laurels.  Today with Bitcoin mania there is a renewed focus on a sovereign debt crisis. No one recalls the Clinton era of balanced budgets, which no one thought could happen, ever. And they have only one understanding of inflation, while there are three different kinds. Lastly they have no clue that its “confidence” that drives the markets, not voodoo economics.

All four primary elements that make up the market are colliding.
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