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    MarketMap™ 2024 Scenario Planner Issue#9 Sample

    March 13, 2024

March 13, 2024

MarketMap™ 2024 Scenario Planner Issue#9 Sample

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News Events preceding the open have rallied prices into the tidal high due today.

Since the lows precisely 135 days ago (three cycles) the bulls have controlled the narrative, running the thin Globex session into the side-by-side day session’s opening liquidity. Allowing them to exit their longs on a day trade. Easy come easy go. No matter the news, its spin and the bulls have it going into Tuesday’s open, March 12, 2024.

However, intermediate and long-term timing is not on their side. On top of the highly reliability tidal cycles posted up their regular S-T highs now there is more timing evidence the end is near.

The lead featured chart in issue #9 reflects the uptrend from the October 2023 low when this most recent phase of advance began. It was teed off by the opposite of the events hitting today. So, a 180* degree cycle has run its course into the late February mid-March segment.

This dis-inflationary aspect has run its cycle and in the same period the third 45-day cycle puts the market on a change March 10. Yet it is the magnitude in a primary cycle tied to large intermediate term change of trend dates that will reverse the uptrend.

Nothing is ever necessary but the stock market will not make it out of the firsts first quarter without making a final high and beginning a long term bear market, because of this intermediate term cycle event.  The tension between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus in 90% of the cases changes the direction of the trend dramatically, dead set.

As only one example, I am using the late 1930s early 1940s because the much larger cycle are cresting from 2022-2023 –  the Juglar, the 18.8 year cycle, and the Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus (the sign of Wall Street) cycle all happened in the same period.

As you can see how this cosmic event is a major big swing attractor for the markets, once reached the market experiences a major change of trend (COT) in the opposite direction.  Also what is noteworthy is the numbers of panic sell offs that happened in this period.

In that regard, refer to the 2010 chart in the previous issue shown again here. It demonstrates the impact of the last Jupiter/Uranus 14 year cycle.  It saw the “flash crash.”  Which is something membership should be on the front foot regarding this spring.

I previously pointed out critically that “When it comes to Astro-market events its not good enough to generalize based on market action over 100 years, you need to be more precise.” That is to say some see the 14 year cycle with the same pattern every occurrence, which is not the case.

As I pointed out  before, 1941 is the last time an event like this happened and it is expected to generate turns on the same time schedule (see the 1941 chart in issue #8.)

So while the bulls in the Globex today pre-open has run a fast market, it should be their last gasp attempt to pick up a following for their dream blow-off top, I see that having a 10% likelihood.

The mapping chart for the high tech heavy Nasdaq 100 is in gear with this forecast. It shows the uptrend from the start of the year going through a topping process into mid March before a reversal and down trend that catch’s everyone by surprise. That decline is expected to take prices lower into April 21 +/- , next stop the Summer Solstice.

No change in tactics or forecast. More to follow in “Volatility Reports.”

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CT building from first principles and factual market history avoiding generalizations and the average in its research for a more particular and exceptional insights. For our professional clients that range from advisors, managers, and traders they benefit from this approach and the passion to be great, that good is just not good enough.

Many thanks to everyone that has supported this work over the years and thanks in advance to the new members for your consideration, I look ahead to working with you for the duration.

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