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    MarketMap™ -2024 Scenario Planner ready for New Year Today

“Time changes everything.”

Except there is this thing about being human where the majority is always surprised by change

Improve your trend-following with market timing. Get Ready for the new year now

Contrary Thinker publishes an annual scenario planner at the end of the year and early January. You will find examples of the maps for 2023 at the bottom of this page. 

The Annual Scenario Planner is our most popular service, easy to understand, and a handy year-long reference that will keep you out of trouble and ahead of the mob. Discounted membership includes Market Map™ -2024 Scenario Planner (twice monthly) and Volatility Reports (weekly) with private LinkedIn Group access.

MarketMap™ 2024 is a better market scenario than decennial theory’s ten-year overlay.

What Contrary Thinker does through its MarketMap™ every year can be likened to the decennial overlay that Ned Davis group made popular in the 1990s.

The Advanced Trader’s Toolkit discount ends Super Bowl Sunday, and all membership discounts end for the year at the same time.

Get MarketMap™ 2024 Scenario Planner   Maps for S&P, Bitcoin, Interest Rates, Gold, Silver, and US Dollar, 

     All Maps from now to the end of January to plan the year ahead plus

Two months of the weekly “Volatility Report.” Real time updates on your phone through LinkedIn App for only $74.95 for two months. If you don’t cancel it renews for 249/Qtr. Regular pricing starts back Super Bowl Sunday until Thanks Giving.

Plus special report “Nature of a bear market.” 

You don’t need to see anymore after being part of Contrary Thinker’s members group on LinkedIn,

Here is BEST OFFER once a year deep discount.


Six months for only $299.00  (65% off)                                                                         One full year only $525.00 (65% off)

Do it today 2024 is here and now.


See for yourself how good our mapping method is, see here. 

Happy festive season

Jack F. Cahn, CMT

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— Pricing is subject to change without notice.  My indicators and strategies can be withdrawn for private use without notice at any time.

–Trading futures and options involve the risk of loss. Please consider carefully whether futures or options are appropriate for your financial situation. Use only risk capital when trading futures or options

–Futures results are not linear they can be better or worse While confident, CT does not and can not by law make any assurances.

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