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    MarketMap™ the New Era is Here

It is back to normal, not seen in over 45 years.

MarketMap-2021 Annual Scenario Planner eBook, over 32 pages outlining the basis of the “Time Factor” for 2021 and 2022. The research covers both mundane market cycles, tidal cycles, and geo-cosmic cycles, historical fractals, and parallelisms.

Contrary Thinker’s team comes together with five independent methods for isolating change of trend (COT) time windows for both the cresting of prices and bottoming time frames. These methods provide short, intermediate, to longer-term risk management when used with “Volatility Reports.”

The research is published at least monthly in MarketMap-2021 Scenario Planner.

The New Era has begun with the second decade of the 21st century.

Major cycles that have repeated reliably through 250 years of economic and market history converge on 2021/2022

Each Publication includes the Calendar of change of trend dates (COTS) highlighting clusters for key reversal windows.

Downloadable immediately with access to all back issues for 2021

Includes 45 days of MarketMap-2021 Scenario Planner and Volatility Reports

Moreover, as mentioned in our memo, if you become a longer-term subscriber during the trial, you will be offered a discount better than any discount made any time of the year, including the holiday season.  This offer is exclusively for LinkedIn “Volaltity Report’s” group members.


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