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    MarketMap™ the New Era is Here

It is back to a normal not seen in over 20 years

 MarketMap-2021 Annual Scenario Planner Book, over 50 pages download in zip containing PDF files covers trend scenarios and Change of Trend Dates (COTs) for 2021. The studies cover both mundane market cycles, tidal cycles, and (acausal) cosmic cycles.

(I) Twenty Year (20) Cycle
The New Era begins with the second decade of the 21st century.
Major cycles that have repeated reliably through 250 years of economic and market history converge on 2021

(II) Forty-five-year (45) cycle.
Civil unrest
Shift to the hard left
Banking disruptions
Currency/Bitcoin disruptions

(III) Decennial Theory 100-year cycle (10×10)
Geopolitical Tensions and National Security Issues
Politics in the United States of America,

(IV) Post Election 20-year cycle (5×4).
The USA President and Vice President

(V) Event-Based Cycles with a seasonal peak projecting fixed interval to panic decline days, one-day wonders, and final lows.

(VI) 2021 Tidal Forces based on Lunar/Solar math of high and low market tides

(VII) Annual Calendar of change of trend dates (COTS) key reversal dates

Ninety-Nine Dollars and it is downloadable immediately  



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