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This annual forecast for the coming year works remarkably well and many big-name advisors and managers know of it, yet they profess ignorance of the pattern or pass it off as “academic.”

MarketMap™ 2022 Annual Scenario Planner knows the patterns. Contrary Thinker understands its proper composition; and has advanced its formulation.

The 2022 Annual Planner is now available for immediate download!

The year ahead will not be as tame as 2021 has been, our annual publication provides both Trends and Critical Reversal Dates for 2022 are provided over the 45 days

MarketMap™ 2022 Annual Scenario Planner is our most popular introduction to the complete family of services, without long-term subscriptions required but all its services.

Holiday special 45-day full service for only $99, the price will go up 20% again next week.

The 45 days begin until January 1, 2022, but your benefits start right away!

What you get from now through the first 45 days of 2022 is the complete series of MarfketMap-2022 Annual Scenario Planner, the big issue #1 is immediately accessible.

You receive the regular Volatility Reports for dynamics timing. It lets our people know if the market is about to trend? go into a breakout mode, become locked in a range, go flat? etc.

The special report “Nature of Bear Markets, Corrections, and Panics.” No arbitrary definitions are used except in contrast. Rather hard and fast rules to know what type of downtrend you are in, so you don’t buy too early or too late.

“Nature of Bear Markets” outlines – and Volatility Reports provides this timing real-time – the pre-conditions for long bar days both panic days (>4%) and their companion one day wonder long bar higher (>4%). Some are equal to an annual return.  This brief will be used as a reference for decades.

Publications will cover the US Stock Market, T-Notes/Bonds, Precious Metals, Rare Metals, Bitcoin, Currency Markets, Grain Markets, and Crude Oil.

Great and Many Thanks,

Jack F. Cahn, CMT

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