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LinkedIn Private Group Publications by Contrary Thinker, MarketMap™, Volatility Reports, and Strategy Code Report

Volatility Reports is a market dynamics timing publication by Contrary Thinker. This LI group provides a space to support our subscribers and share the work with potential clients. Our market research is built on first principles and tested on 120 years of historical data.

Contrary Thinker provides insights from its proprietary models as well as the traditional methods. CT’s inside models include the Event-Based Cycles for scenario planning, a volatility model – Technical Event Model – for market dynamics timing and CT’s trending following and OB-OS system for timing change of trends entry/exits. This space will provide the above and ongoing content regarding changing market opportunities.

This space is Contrary Thinker’s way of showcasing its products – both forecast and strategies. This space is not for entry-level types or cynics. Our subscribers include capital managers, hedge fund managers, investment advisors, and large family capital managers. CT is a boutique that believes that Alpha is the same thing as the market timing of market dynamics, shifting from long and short volatility. We are, focused on our clientele and their understanding of what it takes.

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Rules for Visitors

Professional advisors, capital & hedge fund managers, and advanced individual investors traders are invited. The group welcomes well thought out questions and feedback. Good luck favors those who collaborate and ask questions. Cynical trolling, transactional types and want-to-be competitors will be screened out and blocked from any future information.

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