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    Top Gun Trader

Put a Top Gun Trader in Your Pocket. He Makes Nothing Unless the Idea Makes Over a Predetermined Target.

Here is a 2:30 minute video how it works and what he did in the 2022 BEAR 


Don’t let the math frighten you. He made 1.3 million on 100k
One time set up fee $10 nonrefundable. Stripe Secure Process here. 

Refer to your Welcome letter for access code to Contrary Thinker’s TE Channel.

Jack is a friend throughout the financial community and one of the most experienced. He can help you maximize profits, one of the hardest functions to perform.  These unsolicited comments regarding his leadership validate all of it.

“Just did a YTD calculation – the portfolio is up 182% on the year.  Thank you for the guidance.” Ed P

“I have an exposure that is working today but following your trade recommendations worked very well for 2022 I anticipate that also being the case for 2023 “Paul W

“Jack, letting your trades run for 5x or better is so much harder than taking the small losses. The focus on the process is worth it…”  Stuart D

Jack was successful in all his products at year-end, in a year of a downturn, the stock market’s down, and cryptos are down. Everything was down. “Bernard J.

“You don’t want to miss the second half of 2023 and this ground-floor entry opportunity for many if you have never been in a trader’s market. You got to know the easy money buy the dip ended 7/19/23.” John K

“Jack uses his system development skills and trading experience to make trades that work in bull markets or bust markets. But he has preferred bears since 1987.” Steve H.

Worried about what it cost, don’t. Only $10/month for high delta options. (Three others trading ETFs and Leveraged ETFs.)

One time set up fee $10 nonrefundable. Stripe Secure Process here. 

No hidden fees, here are Jack’s incentives trader’s only pay when the revealed trade plan exceeds its threshold (known before opened.) 

Long Put or Call buy Sell profit thresholds Incentive fees capped on revealed idea. 

Profit >25% pays $25.00

Profit >50% pays $50.00

Profit >75% pays $75.00

Profit >100% pays $100.00

Profit>200% pays $200.00

One time set up fee $10 nonrefundable. Stripe Secure Process here. 

Refer to your Welcome Memo with URL to setup page including access code to Contrary Thinker’s TE Channel.


Great and Many Thanks

Jack F. Cahn, CMT

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