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For Professional Advisors, RIAs, Capital Managers, and Pro-Traders

Membership includes 2020 MarketMap™ Annual Scenario Planner
  •  Training on how to use the Technical Event Model for timing market dynamics and your trading strategies. 
  • New  School Technical  Market Analysis and  Commentary with backstories
  • On/Off Risk Signals, On/Off Hedge Signals, Long Volatility Strategies entry/exits
  • Blog access to chart gallery, and newsletters.
  • LinkedIn private group forum for quick updates, feedback, and collaboration
  • Entry/Exit Signals from a full range of robust trading strategies that cover medium to long term frames
  • Coverage includes all US stock markets plus fixed income and sector ETFs
  • Request service to assure there are no gaps in your coverage of risk and opportunities.  

Annual Access $495.00 USD, thats 70% off.

Semi-Annual Access $349.00 USD, thats 60% discount

Quarterly Access $224.95.00 USD,  thats 50% discount

One Month Membership $84.95 USD, thats 50% discount

A stand alone membership: Strategy Developer’s System of the Month Club

Stepping stone for TradeStation and Ninja Trader Platforms Monthly $49.00 USD.

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I put my name on my work and stand behind it.
Great and Many Thanks
Jack F Cahn, CMT

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