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    Strategy Positions

Brief Ideas Behind the Strategy Positions

9/16/2020 13:37

FNGD The way the head goes, the way the body goes. The leaders will lead the decline and the number of profits is HUGH to take. The daily range may exceed 300 points going into Oct.
9/14/2020 15:35 SJB Too much debt and many states in budget trouble, low-grade bonds will lead the bear market. 40 cents risk for 4 points profit over the next few weeks, with bear ETF on Junk bonds
9/10/2020 15:47 GLL Still correcting attempt at new all-time highs gold, a trading range has coiled up the gold market setting it up for a one to five days collapse of 200 points, Bear ETF risk 2 1/2 for 25
9/10/2020 10:12 PSQ Fang and Nasdaq Comp hit 52-week highs on climatic action and reversed by 8%, such a reversal is rare and typical of a major top. But inverse ETF PSQ risk 1 point with a profit target of 5 points
9/10/2020 9:13 DEUR US Buck has an S-T base and the Tidal Wave weekly bar is on a buy, risk to new lows is 1 1/2 points with a target of 8 points or better.
9/9/2020 12:34 UUP Wealth preservation will focus on the dollars buying power. It is in a new secular bull market. S-T Tidal Wave is on a buy here with a risk of 1/2 points target profits of 3 1/2 points
9/9/2020 12:05 TBF The Fed’s focus has shifted allowing higher personal income to happen without concern of inflation, The bond market will lead with higher rates inverse bond ETF 1/2 point risk for 7 points potential
9/8/2020 11:23 FNGD The bigger they are the faster they fall, and a regime change Nov. 3 will lead to many anti-trust breakups, short Fang stocks via inverse Fang ETF. Risk 2 points for a shot at 90 from now till Dec.
9/8/2020 11:07 SQQQ Seasonal Correction expected and 52 leading stocks and Fangs hit climatic tops, buy inverse QQQ risk 6 points for 50 points.
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