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July 20, 2021

Volatility Report Fang Index

The Fang’s days are over, traders see low-risk high-reward short selling here.

Almost a year ago I pointed out that Tesla was: “From a risk management point of view, the type of L-T buying for the last eight months is FOMO, panic buying, see the left window of the monthly chart, as easy to flip as the gold markets flip recently.

Contrary Thinker will be looking at the S-T charts for a sell signal. The I-T to L-T risk is 600, where it began its panic buying.”

Today the Fang+ index is looking at a double top that happens to be at predicted COT dates. The 2/19/221 dates were astrological and set a theme of corrections for the year and the COT on the 14th was a Solar-Lunar COT, an Astrological COT date, and the exact date of the secondary peak of the Nasdaq dot com peak in 2000, which is also in gear with the 45-year cycle (22 1/2 year).

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December 4, 2020

Long Volatility Inching Toward Go

Attention: Long only VX futures breakout scalping systems without on/off risk engagement has produced a triple for the year, thus far.

This highlights the change in the market’s condition that began back in early 2018; where long volatility began to outperform long-only investments, aka short volatility investments.

KeyNote:  You love to build code from proven basic and essential price based concepts. But a bundle of  1000 files for a low low low price and get three months of free look at the above long volatility scalper! 

Volatility Reports has intimated that the local stock averages are wedging out a top that should carry over into next week when a number of meaningful COTs windows happen. During that stretch, the group will be looking for TEM ( our volatility modeling ) to provide clues of a high pivot among other signals. The tact we try to take requires waiting for the ideal set up. Low-risk high reward, getting in too early is the rough bit.

Hence Volatility Reports prefers to see a reversal off the second L-T panic low in the USD. Bearish sentiment is widespread on a variety of methods for the US buck.  The next chart shows the underlying shorts that provide potential buying power.

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September 4, 2020

MarketMap 2020 Issue #15

“It’s like déjà vu all over again.”

“Bears need love too”

It is worth repeating part of my comment regarding the reversal from the highs on 9/2/20 that “Doing the math, counting forward ten days was yesterday the 2nd. With a potential high pivot threatening, the bulls will attack long volatility futures that are breaking out as they go back to the mean reversion selling of the volatility complex. Hence the key for bears is the ability to hold the break.

I also said in this LinkedIn group space that “Markets do not crash from a major peak.” In other words, a long bar day declines of 4 or 5% off a high is more typical of a bull market shake-out vs the beginning of a new bear trend.”

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