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April 16, 2023

The best way to learn risk markets and trading

The best way to learn about markets and trading…

and how to prepare a trading plan is by learning through trading systems. Because trading systems encompass all the things that an experienced trader is looking at during the trading day, weeks, and months to organize his thoughts into a trading plan.

See the eight-minute video below on two swing trading systems

A system gives you the ability to do several things at once without several decades of learning and you do not need to be a program coder to do this.

All indicators in all systems no matter if they are oscillators, breakout bands, or moving averages are trying to do the same thing to predict the market for profit.

They are trying to predict the movement of the market to an extent that it generates profit net commissions and slippage. So, the trader and the system are the same things. The only difference is that while trading systems are good you will never find a computer-driven trading system that is great.

Here is an important fact, there are great traders.

As a mechanical systems trader what you are looking to do is take advantage of a positive mathematical expectation, the average trade stat. Like the one seen in this report.

The example here shows the Trend Walker on Crude with an average trade of $1,547.57. So, every time you take a trade on average you should make near that amount. In general, that is how the majority would love to trade at the top of the average bell curve. With discipline, a system provides and assumes you are taking every trade. The Crude oil Trend Walker has a good Average win to average loss ratio of 2.14 to 1 on all trades with an edge favoring the short side, as you can see.

Trading with discipline puts the trader where most investors want to be at the crest of the bell curve. It can be equated to the buy-and-hold trading plan promoted by the brokerage and funds industry.

So, the point is that trading for an average, be it from a system like Trend Walker or Buy and Hold S&P, which averages 12% per year, does not avoid the traditional periods that are not conducive to their methods. Hence, they are caught in bear markets or max drawdowns as we say in the systems development and trading sector.

So, to be a great trader, one needs to understand what it is to be an average one and what the risk of that kind of investing happens to be, and to turn that risk into their own opportunity.

I feel you can see how systems trading makes a good foundation for the learning experience. Along with these insights, by investigating training systems you will pick up more than the technical vocabulary, the terms used for the various tools. Some are common in all platform’s tool kits, and some are proprietary.

You will also gain an understanding of the difference between price-based entries and price-based exits as opposed to money-based entries and exits. You will realize what the interplay is between risk and reward, and what faster entries mean regarding your overall risk compared to slower entries.

You can visualize a system of any kind, even buy, and hold a diverse portfolio of shares with a variance developing around it. Such an envelope depicts the risk and reward fluctuations it will go through in time, which is a money wrapper. Just like profit targets and stop losses they have nothing to do with being right or wrong in holding the position.

Because the market doesn’t care about your money or your account size. If you contract or expand one side or the other or both how does that impact the overall performance of your system? But tell you nothing about being right or wrong about the investment. It’s about the investors’ money strategy and their temperament toward risk and account size.

So, these interplays are something that you learn through the understanding and the trading and the measurement of trading systems.

You must learn all the above before you can start any sizing exercises or portfolio allocation rules because you need to have the numbers first. You need to have the numbers from what your trade plan, your system, is going to generate for you in the future before you can do position sizing or asset allocation for the money.

So, these are all the things that trading systems can bring to the individuals who want to learn the markets instead of trying to learn what it takes many of us careers to learn in trading. To learn all the nuances of the elements of time, and the complicated issues of extra market events that can have an impact take hands-on experience. Learn what risk is and how to see it and when the time to take advantage of it.

To be a great one either you are born into it or it takes layers of time to learn. So, if your goal is to be great you still have to be good first and my suggestion is the use of training systems as opposed to being a gunslinger for all the above reasons.

So along with three swing trading systems, you have one on one access to the master once a month plus DM on LinkedIn with questions and answers when they arise.

Since the 1990s my systems have retailed for $5k locked code, and prices go up from there if open code is needed. TEM can be used visually, even if the hard code is programmed in the systems. Your choice of one of three swing traders for the lease period. Workspaces include TEM volatility model.

$595/Quarter or
At the end of the training period, you can own the system net what was spent on training.
Locked code $4,995.00 no expiration date


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