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March 1, 2022

Volatility Reports 3/1/2022

Leading Indicator

the leading risk taker’s market is just about finished here with its countertrend. The Bitcoin bulls can’t see past the end of their nose, but that is fine for those of us with vision and foresight.

I know for many some price-based analysis is just not complex enough, because it does not speculate about the whys and how comes and what the pundits contrive to be the meaningfulness of cryptos. While it’s simply a branding game at this point independent of their practicality, given the multi-millions spent on SuperBowl advertisements. So while they fight it out, one thing we know is that Bitcoin is the premier market for risk takers and traders. As such it is a leading indicator of risk taker’s mood.

That bullish mood is

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November 2, 2021

Volatility Reports 11/2/2021

It’s not the train you hear that will kill you

In my early days, the talk use to be that a good market analysis got off wall street to get away from the pressures of the industry so he/she could form an objective point of view. Well from Gainsville to Sedona many of taken that advice. If distance matters, well living half the time in the land of Oz, the down under, should put me in a superlative environment. Well yea, ok maybe.

But a nearby journo Mark Saunokonoko, a print, online journalist, and feature writer published by the Australian 9News Network “Ten scenarios that could rock the world in 2022.” Where Mark did a good job isolating none market events, outside world events, that could have a dramatic impact on the 13-year-old “Great Bull Market”  Here is his list, my thoughts, and a few others you may have to put your ear to the ground to know something is coming.

He has grouped the ten possible threats this way: ”

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