• “Jack, he’s the technician’s technician. He is a must-read. He is visionary.”

    - Dr Alexander Elder Financial Trading, Inc.

  • “…if you are not using Jack’s market dynamics indicators, you are on the back foot.”

    - Ture Johnson Trader at Floating Point

  • “Jack’s Big Swing trading system is better than “Aberration.”

    - Larry Williams Author World Known Trader

  • “Jack Cahn’s trading methods and systems are based on solid research and analysis. He is one of the industry’s brightest and prolific market technicians. No one can guarantee profits, but I am willing to bet that his techniques will produce one of the most winning track records.”

    - Jack D. Schwager, Author Market Wizards Series

  • “Jack introduced me to the world of options trading almost 2 decades ago. His passion and understanding of the market made it easy for me to learn what at first seemed daunting. He was honest where others weren’t, and I can’t thank him enough for that.”

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    - Michael Jasilewicz Jr

  • “It’s been incredible working with you the past eleven years, you’ve demonstrated to the group and me how the market shows its hand right there on the charts. What is even more amazing is how you have advanced the classical wisdom of technical analysis with the contextual model to combine into a master system. You can count on me thanks, buddy”
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    - Bernard B Jacobs (Tripp)

  • ” Jack’s system development group – accepted the robust ideas and formulas of the legends to control risk is to take no risk. With verbatim consideration of what the great ones say, he and his team set out replicating their rules, like Richard Dennis’s ‘only take optimal trades and avoid suboptimal ones.’  In such a way Jack’s approach breaks the old school limitation of 30 to 40%win rate of trend following methods.  ” 

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    - Eric Martin

  • “Jack has consistently demonstrated that he is one of the most progressive and innovative thought-leaders in the field of trading strategy development. His unique viewpoint gleaned from over twenty years of experience in the trenches of the finance industry makes him an invaluable resource to other great minds in the industry who seek his counsel. Jack always has an eloquent and up to date grasp of what’s happening in the markets of today and I value his opinions greatly”

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    - Darla Tuttle

  • Jack brings great insights to the market and take a short and long-term view. He has brought new insights to the trading world over the years including his more recent insights on trading in concert with volatility which are original, unique and valuable and quite the rarity these days.
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    - Stuart Davis

  • “During my time building the advisory and strategies company, I witnessed his talent for picking major tops and bottoms as well as the development of robust trading systems that broke the mold with his proprietary %C market filter. The rush I felt while watching those trades occur in real-time was amazing.
     For Jack, there is no such thing as “you can’t do that.” Because he did them, he made a fortune in the 1987 peak crash, which kicked off his independence from Wall Street wirehouses. And I saw him guide his trader capture mega-profits by shorting S&P futures in the crash of 1997.”

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    - Chris R Jones

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