April 15, 2020

Three Waves of Panic Two More Expected

MarketMap Issue #8 2020

Two More Waves of Panic Expected

You see in social media permeating the public domain the fractal overlays of 1929 with the most recent panic sell-off.  The problem with this parallelism it is not anchored to anything at all except the similarity visually when resized and overlaid with each other.

ContraryThinker uses a method discovered in 2000 that I have advanced called the Event-Based Cycle (ECB)  that produces a similar peak to low intervals, it projects related date windows for tops and bottoms based on how the highs are anchored with each other mathematically. The charts below provide what is expected to be the scenario of the market going into late summer; along with an alternate scenario main difference of the low this year hitting later than the others.

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