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    Tidal Wave Strategy

Tidal Wave is based on the math that causes the daily tides and the king tides.

It is a time-based system based on the science that is not causal, it is not a physical cause and effect market strategy. While tidal forces are typically explained by the Moon’s gravitational pull causing Earth—and its water—to bulge out on the side closest to the Moon and the side farthest from the Moon. This making high and low tides predictable. However, our work has found a time cycle based moon’s relationship to the earth and sun that coincide with the trading change of trend dates, highs, and lows.

Contrary Thinker’s (CT) time-based tidal wave strategy in this report does not use any money management wrapper for the sake of this report. Everything is time-based entry; the strategy is always in the market, and entry and exit are on the daily open.

The advisory group uses a volatility model providing an outlook for the dynamics of the market after the entry signal.  This “governor” provides an increased likelihood that the up or down cycle will have the force behind it for a meaningful trend, not a trading range.

The filter is based on a new area discovered during the WFC (2008) that measures the tension or lack of tension behind the market that will or will not support a trend.


Tidal Wave Alpha Trend Tracker

For investors and traders of the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) CT covers the Bull side and the Bear side trades available.

The investor/trader can choose the time frame he wants to trade because the strategy provides Short Term (Est. one week), Intermediate-Term (Est. four weeks), and Long Term (Est. Several Weeks to Months).

On the bullish side, we suggest the following please refer to our listing of EFTs here

On the bearish side, we suggest the following please refer to our listing of EFTs here

Seventeen Summary Performance Reports

you can download them immediately with a free plugin from this sign-up form. The numbers reflect the robustness of its risk to reward ratios. The amount of leverage or numbers of shares is the investor’s choice and should be considered if looking at “net profit” only.



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