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    Volatility Reports May 30 2018

    May 30, 2018

May 30, 2018

Volatility Reports May 30 2018

At the risk of sounding like a critic, all the bullish and bearish analysis I read on the LinkedIn timelines, in its groups or on the more professional Twitter feeds is not predicated on the market’s context.

I mean, no matter the directional outcome of the analysis, both the bulls and the bears are running on the same track. They are all handicapped in the same environment.  The only problem is, the overlooking the backdrop or assuming it to be fundamental.

Last week there could have been a significant trade agreement, and there would have been no change one way of the other. In fact, the trend flattened

Like trends, conditions persist, and they continue much longer than expected and until there is a new Technical Event to change that condition. On a Short Term basis, the state of the market from May 11 projected a labored action, after our Technical Event Rule#3.

At that time, my advice was to “hold your fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”  Well on Monday, May 28 both S-T and I-T stock indices reached extreme lows in our volatility studies, suggesting a forceful trend was kicking off. Hedge funds, long V traders and aggressive traders will be engaging their preferred strategies.

For Strategy Selection page coming soon.

V-Table There is four Technical Events (TEe)  both short-term and intermediate term. Therefore our research has started 16 TE’s that preceded particular kinds of market behavour. In general, they do not signal direction. The V-Report uses other means including long-term algorithmic strategies for determining the direction.


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