October 10, 2018

Trump and his tribe’s last line of defense is breaking

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To be a public servant and NOT think the fourth estate will look at one critically, is more than naive it is dump thuggery. To be so unconcerned that no one would find out who one is and still run for the most powerful position in the land is worse than arrogant. It is more than a total lack of self-consideration and that of the family it is foremost an utter disregard for the country and the people one’s supposed to represent.

From where I sit in sunny Australia, the outcome of this conceit will be more than a “national nightmare,” like we had in ’74 with Nixon.

No matter what the cynics say, when one runs for public office – it is not the deep state that will realign him into a law-abiding citizen even if that entails one going to jail.

Rather, it is the rule of law- a nation of laws – that will put the one on the straight and narrow and it will be the fourth estate that brings it to the light of day.  And no matter how much that one may think his money will buy a legal team with entitlements to due process, there is not enough wealth to rally such an array of diverse legal experts. Ironically it certainly would take the entire Department of Justice for that.

How one deals with stress is the key here, and the more successful someone is, the more challenges he or she will have, so when something goes wrong, well like they say, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

What Trump must deal with is formidable, it will ruin him financially.

Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation, Manafort cooperating -Federal

Obstructing Justice firing James Comey regarding Flynn

Trump lawyer Cohen pleads guilty Campaign finance law, hush-money paid to Stormy Daniels, et.al

Russian money laundering Weisselberg CFO and Cohen cooperating So. District/New York

Violating the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution – Federal lawsuit

Income Tax Evasion- Federal and multiple states

Estate Tax Fraud, starting with the 400 million pilfered from father’s estate to build the appearance of a self-made real estate empire

Trump charitable foundation New York civil and criminal actions for self-dealing by the Trump Family

Sexual harassment allegations.

History and cycles provide the repetitive form of this recurring disaster. The above should be no surprise watching the 8.85-year cycle to consider Enron’s bust worth about $70 billion during this same cycle in 2000 (9 x2).

Even though the estimated worth of Trump is only 3 billion to 10 billion – depending on who one believes –  in comparison to Enron, his financial undoing has far-reaching tentacles including his family’s assets and far-reaching implications with the institutional connections of the family. Add to that his position in the office of the president of the United States, the threat of his financial ruin will have its repercussions.

“What the market has now is the sense that Trump is a fraud and he is financially under threat; but what they have not yet realized is he will not go quietly, he will bring down everything in harm’s way when he goes.”

Richard: When the fall is all there is, it matters.” ― James Goldman, The Lion in Winter

The best technical minds are Contrary Thinkers, starts here



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