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November 7, 2021

Volatility Reports 11.8.21

They all like to refer to Robert J Farrell and quote his ten rules

But few if any worked for him and the majority pay his rules lip service quoting them in social media marketing as information only.

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November 4, 2021

Contrary Thinker 11/4/21

I may get frustrated but I am not hallucinating. That the results of all the “lies” from several cable news networks to fringe groups with large internet followings purporting blood-sucking pedophilia circles attributed to the elite undermines the best political system we have for capitalism.

The above reflects Cycle peaks are clustered in this time frame, from the peak on Nov. 18 for the Dow into today the 16th and fill out Monday the 20th. They all relate to their own 2 to 2 1/2 year cycle, which creates a variance of a small degree. One cycle is 2.2353 years, for example. To pick out a few notable peaks caused by the 2-year cycle, a similar cluster hit in April of 2000, another July of 2007, and again in August of 2008, also mid-January 2018.

A similar configuration of cycles converged at the March 2009 low +/- 1 month.

while nothing here is perfect, there are four major cycles hitting how +/- a few days that are known for their influence to change the direction of the markets.

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November 2, 2021

Volatility Reports 11/2/2021

It’s not the train you hear that will kill you

In my early days, the talk use to be that a good market analysis got off wall street to get away from the pressures of the industry so he/she could form an objective point of view. Well from Gainsville to Sedona many of taken that advice. If distance matters, well living half the time in the land of Oz, the down under, should put me in a superlative environment. Well yea, ok maybe.

But a nearby journo Mark Saunokonoko, a print, online journalist, and feature writer published by the Australian 9News Network “Ten scenarios that could rock the world in 2022.” Where Mark did a good job isolating none market events, outside world events, that could have a dramatic impact on the 13-year-old “Great Bull Market”  Here is his list, my thoughts, and a few others you may have to put your ear to the ground to know something is coming.

He has grouped the ten possible threats this way: ”

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October 27, 2021

Dynamic New Trade Posts

Dynamic Trade Page – Full View Spreadsheets

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October 26, 2021

Bitcoin Risk Assessment


The Power of the Technical Event Model™ (TEM)

The idea of a precondition aka set up – is for the context of the market to tell you in the simplest of explanations, “if you should trade the trend following signals or trade the reversals of the high to low range.”  Sure the analyst can have a bias for a market’s direction, but the essence of TEM is dynamics timing, not direction. Its power is also based in the data it uses allowing it to measure risk and opportunity in any time frame.

In Forbes TEM was presented this way regarding Bitcoin,

Charles Bovaird Forbes Senior Contributor

The world’s most prominent digital currency may experience sharp volatility over the next few months, according to a proprietary model created by technical analyst Jack F. Cahn.

Technical Event Model (TEM), which he developed in-house and measures extremes in sentiment, is a price-based macro filter that helps algorithmic trading programs predict when market dynamics are about to change and what to expect.

The model, which was designed to be direction-neutral, indicates whether the market is about to break into a new trend or has entered a period of panic buying or selling.

Recently, Cahn wrote that the TEM “suggests a range expansion in October/November.”

More specifically, the technical analyst indicated that his model “is suggesting a monthly range expansion of 20k for Oct and or Nov.”

It might take place “from the open of the month to the close of the month, maybe faster, but the risk is 20k,” Cahn added.

The bold italics are my highlighting of his interview, which allows me to point out TEM’s power. Thus far the BTC has a range of near 20k and may challenge the previous long bar of 30k.  However, the risk remains a bear market back to 13k at least. So long-term investors need to do their risk analysis here as BTC succeeds or fails to hold new highs and move higher.

As the premier risk taker’s market, Contrary Thinker’s sees its background as weak per the above. Hence, it will not take much to change in the market’s direction for new money to flip out of the BTC. Since Profund’s ETF came to the NYSE on the 18th of October, the market’s advance stopped on the 20th and gave back 8k. Not overtly bearish but soft nonetheless.

Volatility Reports predication of a “monthly range expansion of 20k for Oct and or Nov” was on the money. Thus far the range is at 23,500 after hitting its next measured move level as seen in the left-hand monthly chart.

For BTC ($BRTI) to continue its monthly high/low range expansion, the market needs to trigger that movement outside of the current narrow range. A drop below 58k would be bearish and new monthly highs bullish.

Our Short term cycle is still pointing up and our trend-following systems is still bullish. My gut tells me to be looking for a reversal as the books for November open.  The monthly chart pegs risk to 10k. If the market just witnessed a double top, or in EWT terms an irregular top, the decline that should follow will be a forceful high rate (HROC) of change trend. The daily bar’s TEM supports this idea of the trend if a sell is triggered via support break or MA cross-under.

Contrary Thinker makes traditional technical analysis including EWT better, give the membership a go today.

Great and Many Thanks,

Jack F. Cahn, CMT

A Thinking Man’s Trader Since 1989,

Copyright 1989-2022

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October 17, 2021

Volatility Reports 10/18/21


Bullish retorts were raining down on Wall Street Friday, “the bull is back baby!”

“Is The Great “Bear Market” Of 2021 Finally Over?”

“Yes, New All-Time Highs Are Coming”

“S&P 500: The Path To 5,000”

“The Second Wave (Of Value Stocks)”

“Sentiment Speaks: Man, This Is A Confusing Market”

But they are missing the big picture

The change of energy regimes, the cultural changes preceding the merging of the staus-quo into something new. The moving beyond the statistical-based social physics and variance into something more attuned to social quantum physics. Maybe you are not in “before time.”

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October 12, 2021

Volatility Reports 10/12/21

Timing is just not everything it is the only thing that matters when it comes to market performance superiority
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October 4, 2021

Volatility Reports

Wedging out a top and TEM both daily bar and weekly bar support an HROC trend.

high beta index trade idea

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October 4, 2021

Everything you see around you came from Man’s imagination and intellect.  So it goes, “in first best dressed!” Flaws and all look at Windows OS. Bitcoin, like Coke, Kleenex, and  Hertz, has the brand.

So anytime you’re referring to a Bitcoin, it could be about the ten thousand other cryptos on the market or coming to market, and with that so ends the limited supply side of the sales pitch.

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September 30, 2021

MarketMap Issue#15

The 90-year Cycle is one of Grim Awakenings

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