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    Volatility Reports 11/27/23

    November 26, 2023

November 26, 2023

Volatility Reports 11/27/23

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” The current COT that the Map is looking for fits with the next major astrological event, the Crawford Attractor due on the 24th of November.  There are several cycles that peak here. The COT calendar covers most of them. Plus, the tidal cycle – solar/lunar has a low tide this weekend. With nearly all markets in a rally phase into this date, it will be a change from up to down.”

MarketMap™ 2023 Scenario Planner #20 11/22/23

Today, Monday November 27, cycles are due to change. As stated last week, the cycles are due today for a bottom, but that is impossible. Because the trend has been higher into today.

The last Crawford event on November 14 caused a breakout long bar advance into that date followed by a change to a sideways range. Today’s is expected to be a high pivot

Along with the time element pulling prices higher into the close on Friday, price has traced out an ending wedge, which is a weak formation.  I showed this chart last week, based on traditional bar chart work, at least the S-T uptrend is finished here.

To give today’s opening for the last week of November a complete workup, Volatility Report has traced out a textbook change of trend pattern. It is a common occurrence for first a panic reading followed by a one-way trade in the same direction of the initial panic bar.  If you are working with TEM for TradeStation, when the TMT-4Rules indicator signals a TE#1 and the market does not form a pivot reversal within a day, the next reading by the volatility model is important. While 90% of the time there is a pivot, now we want to see the TE#1 followed by the low volatility trend reading the TE#3. That background trend persistent but old, feeble, and ready for a reversal.


The rationale behind the markets advance remains the Fed and rate policy. It goes like this, ” Today’s Fed meeting minutes hit home how close the Fed is to the end of this high-rate saga.  In other words, 5% rates on cash won’t stick around forever. And usually when rates peak in a cycle, it’s better to buy stocks than stash your cash.”

Tactic, in mid-October, shorting I exited all bearish trades and have been aside the markets except the four listed here. I suspect that will change this week. If you just want to receive alerts when I am generating trade alerts, it is only $10/month to the app provider, Trade Exchange.

If you look at the details of the trade, as you see the entry and exit wrapper in the above trades, and it is a winner by a stated margin, I do receive an incentive feed equally to $1 for each 1% profited, always with a pre-determined inactive by Contrary Thinker.

For example, I have a goal of 33% on UGL – the Gold ETF, with an incentive of $25 if a return is made of 25% ob. If it is stopped for a lesser profit, there is no incentive.

One time set up fee of $10 to gain access to my channel. 


Great and Many Thanks

Jack F. Cahn, CMT

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–Futures results are not linear they can be better or worse While confident, CT does not and can not by law make any assurances.




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