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    Volatility Reports 2/14/22

    February 13, 2022

February 13, 2022

Volatility Reports 2/14/22

“Being mindful of your calendar can help you avoid mood swings”

An anniversary reaction is renewed feelings of grief or anxiety on or around the date of a traumatic event.

Gann was one of the more prominent names that anchored cycles to anniversary dates.  How he anchored the cycle is a mystery to many.

I can say that technical analysis is about the scrutiny of mob behavior aka the market.

It follows that Contrary Thinker being the romantic I had to bring up the concept of anniversaries today because it is the 93rd anniversary of the “Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

On the morning of February 14, 1929, seven members and associates of Chicago’s North Side Gang were gunned down in the Lincoln Park garage. Is there a lesson here? Yea, if you forgot Valentine’s Day, don’t look up, and more likely, “live by the sword die by the sword.”

In any event, going into the trading week, the expectation is for a pick up in the rate of decline and the possibility of a massacre based on the time element discussed in MarketMap Issue#6 and price-based analysis presented in Volatility reports.

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