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    Volatility Reports 4/20/2021 Gold/Dollar

    April 20, 2021

April 20, 2021

Volatility Reports 4/20/2021 Gold/Dollar

March 24 headline from our pages was “Gold entering a waterfall decline.”

No need to rehash the panic buying and double top. CT does not need to look at the charts that say gold pays no dividend; in fact, it has a cost of carrying in some cases. It would be remiss to ignore all the sales pitch briefs itemizing all the “whys” and “what for” backing up the new bull market in precious metals, like the following:

Getting Ready For Gold’s Golden Era

Click here to view the original web page at Getting Ready For Gold’s Golden Era

Authored by Matthew Piepenburg via GoldSwitzerland.com,

Worried about gold sentiment? Don’t be.

The mainstream view of gold right now is an open yawn, and sentiment indicators for this precious metal are now at 3-year lows despite the gold highs of last August.

Is this cause for genuine concern?

Not at all.

In fact, quite the opposite.

Most investors are totally wrong about gold, and below we show rather than argue why they are missing the forest for the trees.

Unlike trend chasers, speculating gamblers and gold bears, sophisticated precious metal professionals and historically (as well as mathematically) conscious investors are not only calm right now, they are biding their time for what is about to become gold’s perfect backdrop and, pardon the pun, golden era.”

Use the above link if you would like to read more, but a search through LinkedIn public stream you can find much of the same.

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