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    Volatility Reports 5/9/22 Risk Assessment

    May 9, 2022

May 9, 2022

Volatility Reports 5/9/22 Risk Assessment

Fidelity Investments TV Spot, ‘The Planning Effect: Future Generations’

Feature this scene: A couple enjoys a gathering with loved ones. An ad reader comes in to explain that the event represents how it feels to have financial assurance and a wealth plan with the right balance of risk and reward will get you there.

Traditional thinking by the industry purporting risk and reward are somehow a balancing act. The higher the risk the higher the potential reward, which is a bunch of tripe While I can’t expect everyone I contact to understand this, not everyone sees like Paul Tudor Jones or George Soros or Stanley Druckenmiller.

But, I can expect a few of you to get it, break out of the envelope the industry has made for you to understand you can take 10% of your investment account – for one tactical example – invest it with timing in low-risk high reward trades. Make 300% plus on that 10% of your account therefore 30% on your entire account, beating the market’s average buy and hold return of 11% per year where you will need to ride out bear markets.

Select trading ideas on your smartphone that finds lower risk higher reward trades with the above policy in mind.  Only $10/month plus incentives for winning trades that exceed a predetermined threshold.

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