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    Volatility Reports 7/26/21

    July 26, 2021

July 26, 2021

Volatility Reports 7/26/21

Signs of geopolitical change – no more gridlock; and social unrest bubbling up worldwide has investors and traders on edge.

In the face of pushing through congress the “build it back better” infrastructure program on a bipartisan basis, and the best real -middle-out – economic growth not seen since the late 60’s both political opposition and social unrest look convoluted.

Can the social unrest be based on “give me liberty or give me death?” What happens when tail risk arrives and this period of prosperity ends? Will all these protesters change their names and get vaccinated?

I’ve been called a fear-monger by some in social media. But the above are facts and valid questions. Along with the query that if the Fed has used all its tools to assure the next recession is a soft landing, will massive fiscal spending overkill the financial markets?

Venus conjunct Mars (August 24, 1987)

The big picture of the Dow & Co is in a near-vertical uptrend into a Geo-cosmic time period that correlates with major secular turns.
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