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    Volatility Reports 8/21/23

    August 20, 2023

August 20, 2023

Volatility Reports 8/21/23

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It’s not fortune telling. From experience with an open mind there is confidence in what the market is saying.

In most cases before the media knows how to spin the news…


“Another day brought another troubling sign for the Chinese economy. Beijing authorities are said to have told state-owned banks to step up intervention in the currency market in a push to prevent a surge in yuan volatility. Senior officials are also considering using tools such as cutting banks’ foreign-exchange reserve requirements to prevent a rapid depreciation in the currency. The request came as the yuan fell toward 7.35 per dollar. A broader sense of gloom had already descended on China’s markets this week, even as Beijing sought to bolster sentiment with a surprise interest-rate cut, a string of stronger-than-expected daily reference rates for the yuan and large injections of short-term cash to the financial system. Despite all of these measures, the onshore yuan is tumbling toward the weakest level since 2007 and a key index of shares in Hong Kong is close to a bear market.” —8/18/23 David E. Rovella

Great opportunities do not come every day.  Most people are ok with that.  I have good ones on my team that think and trade in terms of an average.  I prefer to sit on my hands until I get my setup. I think and trade for home runs, the grand slams. If you think like me, I have a low-cost way for you to see that it’s for real.

The above trades taken the day after I Published on: Jul 31, 2023, Volatility Reports.

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