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    Volatility Reports Commodity Based Inflation

    June 5, 2022

June 5, 2022

Volatility Reports Commodity Based Inflation

The perfect storm is a combination of unfavorable circumstances that come together in the same time frame.

Today, the lid that was over what world because of the pandemic has lifted for better or worse, putting increased demand on goods and services.

The “build it back better” program was needed more for American infrastructures and to advance the transition to new clean industries.

Supply chain bottlenecks, primary in China with covid shutdown; and Black Sea blockade.

The invasion of Ukraine by Putin has cut off both oil and gas supplies adding to the pressure on the supply and demand equation.

Some intermediary companies are hiking prices more than the rate of the wholesale prices under the fog of media hype.

Drought in numbers 2022 – Restoration for readiness and resilience

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