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    Volatility Reports January 25, 2023 (Video)

    January 24, 2023

January 24, 2023

Volatility Reports January 25, 2023 (Video)

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Anticipated changes can be more forceful than events happening out of nowhere.

The chart above shows the correction that happened when the last so-called “budget crisis” happened. The pattern is similar to the 2022 sell-off and the second half recovery into a double top the 12/1/22 and 12/13/22 tops. If a valid fractal, the decline that is forthcoming will be a waterfall…

…but as experienced traders you know to expect something similar but different based on the rule of alternations. So what could be different? 2009 just finished a 3-year bear and put a cap on the WFC. Two years later we were bullish but could it be that this time it’s really bearish not leading to recovery after the mini panic on 10/4/11?

Here is the update on the year-end video pointing out how the cycles are hitting and what to expect coming out of the 1/24/23 time window.



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