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    Volatility Reports New Bull Markets

    January 11, 2021

January 11, 2021

Volatility Reports New Bull Markets

The primary markets are pivoting in the same time frame as MarketMap’s COT time window due this week.

A short recap for the US dollar is posting up a low. The flip side of that is the Euro is reversing and about to resume its downtrend. The US long bonds are posting up a low as well.  As Volatility Reports pointed out in the December 30, 2020 Volatility Reports on the Bitcoin that:

“To bottom line it here, we have a fantasy lead blowoff top repeating itself here in late 2020 just weeks away from the date when the exact “soft aspect,” aka angles, set up for a peak on or about 1/14/2021.  You will read shortly in MarketMap-2021 there is a nesting of change of trend data from many various and different mythologies occurring in mid-January +/- a week.”

It appears that the peak is attempting to set up where a decline past 33,000 is the next part of the puzzle, with the round number of $30,000 being a major break. Our trend-following and tidal wave cycles are still supportive of the bull for the time being. As always, we are not in a hurry or want bragging rights to call top tick. Rather, from a tactical perspective, then the set up is there for low-risk entry Volaltity Report for members only will alter members with a Hedge On Notice. The same pertains to all markets.

Like Bitcoin, the trend is up, which is clear in Crude Oil’s weekly and daily bars; on a trend following basis, there is no sign of a reversal yet.  All three of the trend following indicators are up, and the tidal wave cycle is bullish, for now.

However, long time readers know that this advisor’s point of view is that the Oil industry is a dinosaur and is being replaced by alternatives. What is scary is that CNBC’s Crammer made the same assessment on Friday that I’ve been making since the July 2014 prediction of a collapse in oil prices. So forget the long term of Crude and related, it is only considered as an S-T trading market, full stop.

The TEM on all-time frames tells investors and trades that the crude oil is near a high pivot. The S-T hit a panic extreme, and the I-T hit an extreme that calls the trend old, feeble, and due for a change. The weekly bar is just sitting above I-T resistance, now support. So a break below 51.55 and 49.65 would signal a failure and a market reversal.  I suspect that a decline in Cl will coincide with a rally in the long T-bonds. Any TEM background that supports an S-T trade-in wither direction will be posted here.

New Bull Market in Select Commidoty stocks and ETFs.

A new bull market has begun in the commodity universe. Bloomberg’s Commodity Index featured here has all the characteristics.  Like all the new Green Energy stocks and ETFs on our monitor list, other raw material producers like BHP are on the watch list. Today the group, according to various indices, has made high pivots based on TEM readings. A peak will be confirmed with a move by DJP below 21.99 and or the Tidal Wave Trend following systems flips to the short side.

For now, it’s waiting and watching this sector.

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