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    What Contrary Thinker told its clients

What Contrary Thinker told its clients

Volatility Report

February 19, 2020

From left to right, the “New School” of Technical Analysis envisions a near term cap on the NQ futures and a high pivot. A final all-time high is possible. The monthly chart reveals all the buying in the last three months is based on emotional – FOMO and or short cover, aka panic buying.

Such a context does not provide logical support when the market declines. The weekly chart shows prices hitting the high side of resistance and a TE#3 calling for a pivot because the trend is old. The daily chart shows momentum is out of gear, a sell signal, and lastly, the ID chart shows an EWT five-wave advance one little new high away from being terminal. To CT members, this is not a hedge engagement, yet. The ego has nothing to do with making a trading profit.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

“… the chart I am sharing here is CT’s volatility model of volatility. While VX pushing the upper limits of trend lines and resistance zones, but the volatility model is near but has not yet broken into the full-fledged bear market mode. What you are looking at here is the Volatilriyt Futures being measured by Contrary Thinker’s market dynamics model, the Technical Event Model. Both reached their extreme thresholds, foreshadowing the panic sell-off.

Hedges status on short only CL, EX, NQ, and RTY plus long-only VX. CT’s volatility model of CBOE’s volatility index gave a buy signal the week beginning Sunday the 23rd 

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