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    WhatsApp High Delta Trader Community Free Member Add On

    April 21, 2024

April 21, 2024

WhatsApp High Delta Trader Community Free Member Add On

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The Communities’ WhatsApp number is 760-459-4681

Where the rubber meets the road, and I take the heat.

A forecast is not the same as a trading plan, strategy or a signal. Forecast for most can be right or wrong and the only thing that comes out of it is a bruised ego, a little embarrassment or the bragging rights to a good call and the inflated ego to go with it.

Its the working of the strategy that is most important and differentiates between long, intermediate and short term, which is critical for trade and risk management. The ideas I post in the High Delta Community are short term, a few days to a few weeks. While they are for options they are easy to extrapolate to other markets.

One of my good clients asked: “About your community WhatsApp posts .. could we also get credit spreads alts ? Or you do long calls only?”

My reply: “You can use the ideas how ever you like, you could trade the related ETFs or you could fade my idea and go the other way, Truly.”

There are many more bull and bear ETFs out there to S-T trade, many do not have liquid enough options for my liking to trade, and yes I trade all ideas sent to my community members.

The honor system, I am L7, square business, a straight shooter, if you will, but I’m cool as a rule.

I made my fortune, starting in 1987 only trading ITM long calls and long puts, I do not hedge, or spread or anything that might make the broker rich.

I will trade the bullish side when the time is right, I am not a perma bear, while it fells like that sometimes. And since my big winning experience in 2022 I do not over trade. The results you see here should have been much better.

The waiting is the key, you may see trades you think I should have taken maybe so, but I wait for the best set ups I know and have corrected for 2022 and more so for 2023.

I am not moved by the “one big day up or down” to follow.  If you read my publications and the post in the group, you should pick up when I am looking for.

Most of all I am happy you are with me and thanks for any feedback. The more eyes I have the better I see, ‘

As a member you will be sent a link to join, else use the above number to request access. It is a free optionable add on.

See the incentive billing structure below, its easy to understand.






Incentive billing – if you are in the group, I assume you have read and agree with the following.

If you take the trade where the position makes 100% you pay CT $100. So, a double pays $100, no matter how many contracts you trade. (See risk management below) If it makes 200% you pay CT $200. So, on a triple you pay $200.

One hundred percent Honor system based. Your stops do not apply. If you get out too soon, just don’t. Its not considered. All ideas are with 50% risk stop risk, which if you don’t honor and the trade goes into a profit you’ve got a free-be.  Personally I don’t use money stops, that’s me.  I will exit quickly if the action does not conform, or where the technical has changed. I send out a notice to exit asap.

Some traders use the 3% Trader Vic rule of thumb, The 3% rule states that you should never risk more than 3% of your whole trading capital on a single deal.  So a $10,000 account would have at risk $300, if the option expires worthless. A $100,000 account would have $3,000 at risk where the 50% stop may be more meaningful.

What traders need to know is the market does not care about your account size and most of the time a technical stop, one that states you are WRONG exceeds the 50% threshold, meaning stops in general tell you nothing about the markets direction or the rightness or wrongness of the trade. So you may see more often an exit based on the “non-conformity” of the position and I avoid whip saws.

Keynote: If you are looking for action, this is not for you. I have a broad background, some of that is developing automated trading systems, from scalpers to swing traders. There are no great systems, only great traders.  If you are looking for the big profit on highly selective trades, here is the place.


great and many thanks,


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