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Those in business who know which way the financial winds are blowing will always be well placed

(See video below on market timing as of early June.)


For more than 200 years, since the beginning of stock market speculation, investors and traders worldwide have been driven by the desire to gain advanced knowledge of market movements. However, it wasn’t until the early 2000s when Gann emerged that only a small number of investors were aware of the true potential of financial astrology in predicting the timing of market shifts and movements, a question constantly on traders’ minds.

Apart from basic guesswork, there is only one reliable method to forecast market shifts, trends, and trading ranges. An extensive system or method that includes price, time, sentiment, and context.

Institutional and private investors are aware of the importance of making accurate forecasts of significant stock price fluctuations well before they happen.

Despite various discussions about the need for market changes of trend since 2018, the narrative remains largely unchanged, with only a few financial astrologers making any valid long-term predictions about when the big changes will occur.

For those who consider astrology to be superstitious beliefs, as mentioned by a new editor when discussing the recent total solar eclipse. He is completely wrong. Believing in bad luck is just superstition, whether it be from walking under a black cat or letting a ladder cross your path, no matter how I word it.

The analysis of cycles is rooted in mathematics, tried, and verified for both markets and the economy. The Juglar and Kitchin cycles are commonly utilized for accurate economic predictions, while the 4-year cycle is a widely used long-term market timing tool.

Merely employing these processes serves as a useful illustration, yet it is not as simple as it may seem.

The materials you find on this private group and in its publications are the outcomes of thorough investigation, not intended for instructional purposes. Nevertheless, full members who may be interested in acquiring knowledge of these techniques are encouraged to let your interest be known.




Indeed, those in business who know which way the financial winds are blowing will always be well placed, regardless of whether a storm is brewing or not. So, if you wish to understand how the future will unfold, there is no better place to start than with financial astrology which is, put simply, the study of cycles.

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At the 5 minute mark in the above video I point out how the Mars – Neptune (4-29-24) cycle produces uptrends after its happening for several weeks. Here is a real time example of its ability without factoring in the phasing of other cycles – whether or not they are in a up phase or a down cycle enhancing or limiting the Mars/Neptune effect. However, here is how the Volatility model (TEM) is used to keep your decision making focused on process and method.






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